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Syntax directed definition specifies the values of attributes by associating semantic rules with the grammar productions.

It is a context free grammar with attributes and rules together which are associated with grammar symbols and productions respectively.

The process of syntax directed translation is two-fold:

• Construction of syntax tree and

• Computing values of attributes at each node by visiting the nodes of syntax tree.

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• Regular expressions are a notation to represent lexeme patterns for a token.

• They are used to represent the language for lexical analyzer.

• They assist in finding the type of token that accounts for a particular lexeme.

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Grammars are used to describe the syntax of a programming language. It specifies the structure of expression and statements.

stmt -> if (expr) then stmt

where stmt denotes statements,

expr denotes expressions.

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Syntax analysis is the second phase of compiler.

Syntax analysis is also known as parsing.

Parsing is the process of determining whether a string of tokens can be generated by a grammar.

It is performed by syntax analyzer which can also be termed as parser.

In addition to construction of the parse tree, syntax analysis also checks and reports syntax errors accurately.


                   C = a + b * 5

Syntax tree can be given as,

         Syntax analysis (parser)


Parser is a program that obtains tokens from lexical analyzer and constructs the parse tree which is passed to the next phase of compiler for further processing.

Parser implements context free grammar for performing error checks.

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The phases of a compiler can be grouped as:

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                     Language processing system

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Derivation is used to find whether the string belongs to a given grammar.

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• An efficient program should not terminate on an parse error.

• It must recover to parse the rest of the input and check for subsequent errors.

• For one line input, the routine yyparse() can be made to return 1 on error and then calls yyparse() again.


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