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by Dinesh Thakur Category: Computer Network
  1. In connection oriented service a connection is established between the communicating n+1entity using the service provided by the n-entity.
  2. The service users of connection oriented service undergo three different phases:

1. Connection establishment phase

2. Data transfer phase

3. Connection release phase

  1. Connection oriented service is modeled after the telephone system. When we make a phone call, we first establish a connection; then we talk or transfer information. And when we are done we hang up or drop the connection.
  2. Such a connection acts like a tube. The sender pushes bits from one end of the tube and the receive takes out from the other end.
  3. In connection oriented service, the order in which the bits are received is same as the order in which they are sent.
  4. During connection establishment, the sender, receiver and subnet negotiate certain parameters as quality of service required, maximum message size, and exchange of source and destination addresses.
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