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ADSL:-Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL): A BROADBAND digital telecommunications (xDSL) technology that can operate over existing copper telephone lines, and is one of the technologies vying to replace ISDN. ADSL uses an upgraded phone line, all-digital technology, and supports simultaneous Internet browsing and phone use. ADSL is a much newer technology.

Through the use of two modems, one installed on the subscriber, the other on the subscriber line, in front of the main distribution, it can significantly improve network throughput and get 70 transmissions times faster than a conventional analog modem. The principle of ADSL is to reserve some of the bandwidth to carry voice, another transport of data flowing towards the core network (upload) and the third largest in the transport of data flowing to the subscriber (download). For the correct restoration of voice, filters at each end of the line eliminate unnecessary parts of the signal. ADSL technology is particularly well suited to the local loop connections since it allows the flow decreases with the length of the line. Because of its low cost, it is an interesting solution to get quick access to the Internet.
ADSL is optimized for the more downloads than uploads. The line is asymmetric, because it has more capacity for data received by your computer than for data that you send.
The downstream bandwidth from the Internet to your computer can range from 384Kbps to 8Mbps. The upstream bandwidth from your computer to the Internet can range from 90Kbps to 640Kbps. Moreover, ADSL is just one of a family of DSL products

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