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There are the three fundamentals components that are supported by data warehouse as shown in figure. These are:


• Load Manager

• Warehouse Manager

• Data Access Manger

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A Database Systems have been used traditionally for online transaction processing (OLTP). OLTP systems are designed to maximize the transaction processing capacity It is commonly used in clerical data processing tasks, structured repetitive tasks, read update a few records. In OLTP isolation, recovery and integrity are critical. It is based on operational systems.

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In-order to recover the system after these failures we need to identify the failure modes of those devices used for storage of data. Next, we must consider how these failure modes affect the contents of the database. Then we can propose the recovery algorithms to recover the database. Every Recovery algorithm performs two types of actions. These are:

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Authorization is permission given "to user, program, or process to access an object or set of objects. The type of data access granted to a user can be read-only, or read and write. Privileges specify the type of Data Manipulation Language (DML) operations like SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, etc., which the user can perform upon data.

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A simple, flat-file database has only a single table, which means it has one set of records with fields. Each record within the table contains the same fields with the same type of information in each field, although of course the specific information you enter into each separate field is different. For instance, you might have a "Last Name" field on every record, but the actual last name on each record is different.


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