by Dinesh Thakur


In the Earlier programming Language, a programmer would assign instructions and data to locations in memory, and instructions would refer to absolute locations in memory.

Absolute addresses are also called machine addresses and real addresses. The address that is the physical location of data in the computer’s memory, e.g. ADD F034h, FF04h might add the two numbers found at those two addresses.

In a spreadsheet program, a cell address that refers to a fixed location which will not amendment once a formula is traced to a different location. In Excel, absolute addresses are indicated by placing a dollar sign before the column and row indicator. For example, if the formula 3*$F$3 is entered into a cell, then $F$3 is an absolute address. If this formula (3*$F$3) is copied to another cell like (3*$D$9), the address $F$3 will not change.