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ANSI C: The current standard version of the C language, subject of ANSI standard X3.4-1968. It added several important features tothe language, including function prototypes,STRUCTURE passing and structureASSIGNMENT.

ANSI character set: Any CHARACTER SET adopted as an ANSI standard, which means either ANSI X34-1968, better known as the ASCII character set, or the set of 217characters based on 8-bit EXTENDED ASCII adopted by Microsoft as the Windows ANSI character set (ANSI1252-1983) and supplied with versions of Windows up to and including Windows 95 and NT4. The lower 128 characters of Windows ANSI are identical to ASCII, but characters in the range 128-255 vary between Windows ANSI and other extended ASCII sets (for example that used by MS-DOS) which may result in Windows programs displaying a black or white square in place of some characters in documents that were created on a different operating system. Microsoft has since added the euro currency symbol to Windows ANSI, and Windows 2000 employs the new WGL4 character sets. See also UNICODE, ISO 8859, CODE PAGE.

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