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DBMS stand for Database Management System, which consist n number of tables there is no relationship between another table. RDMBS stand for Relational Database Management System, which having the relationship with other tables. The Relationship between tables in DBMS is Physical and the relationship in RDBMS is Logical.

DBMS does not support Data Integrity and RDBMS support Data integrity. RDBMS support Structural Independence and Advanced Query Capabilities while DBMS does not support this. DBMS does not support Security while RDBMS supports Security on Databases. You can not share data between.

Types of DBMS

A Database management system is a hardware/software system that consists of a database and necessary programs to carry out database management activities rolled in one. Users do not have to interact with the data files directly but through a language interface. Using a database management system for data storage and manipulation relieves the users from the bookkeeping responsibilities.

For simple data manipulation users do not have to write programs, instead the programs are already written in the database which can be invoked by user by issuing one or more command in a database language. For more complex manipulations programming interface is also included in a DBMS.

Most of the currently popular DBMS have more complex architecture. Moreover not only human users but other programs also can interact with the DBMS. In this arrangement the database is commonly known as back-end while the user program is called front-end. Front-end applications can be designed to suite any individuals or organisations specified data-interaction needs.

With Different types of DBMS can take different approaches manage the data? Each approach constitutes a database.

Major database model types are: 

1. Hierarchical data model
2. Network Database model
3. Relational Database model
4. Object oriented database model
5. Deductive database model


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