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Inheritance:-Inheritance means using the Pre-defined Code This is very Main Feature of OOP With the advantage of Inheritance we can use any code that is previously created. With the help of inheritance we uses the code that is previously defined but always Remember, We are only using that code but not changing that code.

With the Advent of inheritance we are able to use pre-defined code and also able to add new code. All the pre-defined code is reside into the form of classes if we want to use that code then we have to inherit or extend that class. 

The Class that is Pre-defined is called as Base or super Class and the class which uses the Existing Code is known as derived or sub class The Various Types of Inheritance those are provided by C++ are as followings:

In Inheritance Upper Class whose code we are actually inheriting is known as the Base or Super Class and Class which uses the Code are known as Derived or Sub Class. 

1) Single Inheritance there is only one Super Class and Only one Sub Class Means they have one to one Communication between them 

Single Inheritance

2) Multilevel Inheritance a Derived class can also inherited by another class Means in this Whena Derived Class again will be inherited by another Class then it creates a Multiple Levels. 

                                                          Multilevel Inheritance

3) Multiple Inheritances is that in which a Class inherits the features from two Base Classes When a Derived Class takes Features from two Base Classes.

                                                           Multiple Inheritances

4) Hierarchical Inheritance is that in which a Base Class has Many Sub Classes or When a Base Class is used or inherited by many Sub Classes.                               Hierarchical Inheritance

5) Hybrid Inheritance: - This is a Mixture of two or More Inheritance and in this Inheritance a Code May Contains two or Three types of inheritance in Single Code.

Hybrid Inheritance

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