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Martin Richards developed a high-level computer language called BCPL in the year 1967. The intention was to develop a language for writing an operating system (OS). As you know an OS is software which controls the various processes in a computer system. This language was later improved by Ken Thompson and he gave it a new name B. The basic ideas about some topics such as arrays, etc., which were later inherited by C were developed in BCPL and B. In those days, the development of computers was in infancy. One of the serious constraints experienced while developing the language B was the small computer memory available at that time.

by Dinesh Thakur Category: Basic Of C Programming

when we said that every language consists of keywords and that these keywords are only understandable by the people who speak the language.The same is with C; keywords are special words that have special meaning in the C language and are reserved by the language. That last sentence has significant meaning, so I will take about it a little later on.

by Dinesh Thakur Category: Basic Of C Programming

There are many "languages" like, for example C, Fortran, PASCAL etc., that help us to convert an algorithm in to something that a computer can understand. We will focus here only on C programming So. let us start looking at how do we create a "C program".

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The main role of header file is it is used to share information among various files.To put it brief, if we have several functions say 4 functions named as f1, f2, f3, f4 placed in file say sample.c and if all the functions want to get accessed each other all must be placed in the same file sample.c. 

by Dinesh Thakur Category: Basic Of C Programming

The anatomy of a program

We have some compiler preprocessor commands. This includes various #include files. Then comes the main function. Some name can also be given to the main function. Then, we have the variable declarations used in the main code. Then we have sub-functions.

by Dinesh Thakur Category: Basic Of C Programming

Another component common to C programs is the header file. This supplies information about the standard library functions. These files all end with the .h extension and are added to the program using the #include pre-processor directive. All C compilers use a pre-processor as their first phase of compilation to manipulate the code of the source file before it is compiled.


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