by Dinesh Thakur Category: Java Evolution

1)    C Uses header Files but java uses Packages

2)    C Uses Pointers but java doesn’t supports pointers
3)    Java doesn’t supports storage classes like auto, external etc.
4)    The Code of C Language is Converted into the Machine code after Compilation But in Java Code First Converted into the Bytes Codes then after it is converted into the Machine Code
5)    C++ supports Operator Overloading but java doesn’t Supports Operator Overloading
6)    In C++ Multiple Inheritance is Possible but in java A Class Can not Inherit the features from  the two classes in other words java doesn’t supports Multiple Inheritance The Concept  of Multiple Inheritances is Introduced in the Form of Interfaces 
7)    Java Uses import statement for including the contents of screen instead of #include
8)    Java Doesn’t uses goto
9)    Java Doesn’t have Destructor like C++  Instead Java Has finalize Method

10)    Java Doesn’t have Structure Union , enum data types