C Program How to Print the Menu Screen
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by Dinesh Thakur

This is C program that asks user to print a menu screen on display. For this user declare some variables to storing the value in it. Here user uses currency converter method for menu screen. User only prints the message to currency conversion. And some new line tag or space tag used for space ad new line composition. printing the quoted message on the screen as the result.

Problem statement:

This is C Program that asks user to print the menu screen on the display.

  1. Declaring variables.
  2. Using print method.
  3. Display result on the screen.

Here is C source code for printing the menu screen. Output of this program shown below. 


void menu()
            /*print menu screen*/
            printf("\t\t\t** WELCOME TO CURRENCY CONVERTER **\n");
            printf("\t\t\t             DINESH THAKUR \n");
            printf("\t\t\t\t1-$US to EURO\n");
            printf("\t\t\t\t2-$US to SWISS FRANC\n");
            printf("\t\t\t\t3-$US to YEN\n");
            printf("\t\t\t\t4-$US to BRITISH POUND\n");
            printf("\t\t\t\t5-EURO to $US\n");
            printf("\t\t\t\t6-SWISS FRANC to $US\n");
            printf("\t\t\t\t7-YEN to $US\n");
            printf("\t\t\t\t8-BRITISH POUND to $US\n");
            printf("\t\t\t\tE-to exit at any time.\n\n\n");

Print the Menu Screen

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