C Program Write a Programe with Bitwise Operator and: C1 & C2
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by Dinesh Thakur

 This is C Program for define the Bitwise operator. Binary system operator known as bitwise operator like Left shift or right shift operator. The operands value is moved left or right by the number of bits specified by the operand position right or left. To define this condition user declares the variables c1, c2, c3. Here user define char type variables and define the value as static mode manually. User put the condition to define bitwise operator c3 = c1 & c2. And display output as result on the screen.

Problem Statement:

This is C program that asks user to define bitwise operator.

  1. Declare variables.
  2. Using define method.
  3. Display output on the screen as result.

Here is C source code for Define the Bitwise operator. Output of this program shown below.

# include<stdio.h>

void main()
    int c1 = 4,c2 = 6,c3 = 0;
    c3 = c1 & c2;
    printf("\n Bitwise AND i.e. c1 & c2 = %d",c3);

Program with Bitwise Operator

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