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The concept ofnetbook is notso farfromits portabledesign, butit is lighterand thinner, and limited storage thana laptop.Netbooksare likephysicalpaperbook; its design isjust like alaptop. Hisnamealsoreflects itsmain purpose: NetsynonymousEnglishInternetandbookfor"book", in short, the book for the Internet. The termnetbookpromoted byIntel.

The netbookare primarilymade ​​for those whowork mainly onofficetools(Word, Excel or equivalent)while seekingmaximum autonomywhile traveling.

The firstaudienceis of course thestudents,who canspend all daytypingcourseswithout needing torecharge the battery, while being able, in the evening, connect to the internet orwatch movies.

All those who havea fairly limiteduse of theircomputer andwilloften moveto acquirethese newcomputersare much morethan a fad.

The netbooks areserious competitorsfor mobiletablets andstandardlaptops, buteachretains itsspecificityand its audience.

What is a Netbook?

A Netbook is characterized by:

CPU and Main Memory: Intel has developed a specific processor, the Atom. Its main objective, provide a processor with a very low power consumption and low cost. Few netbooks are not equipped with an Atom processor.

For theRAM, it is typically 1-2GB,We recommend 2GB,1 GB, but enough touse hisnetbookin acceptable conditions.

The size of the screen: in fact, the largest netbooks offer a screen measuring between 7 "(17.8 cm) and 10" (25.4 cm) while laptops usually have a screen with a diagonal of 15 (38.1 cm). "These small screens are therefore limited to resolutions of 800 × 480 for the 7 "and 1024 × 600 for the 10".

Size and weight: If there is only one inch difference in the diagonal of the screen between a 9 inch netbook and 10 inches in practice increases the size of several centimeters. With a 10 inch screen, the surface of the netbook is closer to an A4 sheet of paper half an A4 ... Generally, 10-inch netbooks exceed 1 Kg "fateful" but limiting itself to a weight of 1 , 5kg up where other portable exceed 2kg. On the other hand, a larger netbook also offers a larger and therefore more comfortable to use keyboard. Do not overlook the size of the charger that there must also be kept as small as possible.

Storage: It is imperative to identify its needs in terms of storage capacity. Netbooks with non-volatile memory (SSD or Solid State Drive) is limited to 12 GB or 20 GB as those offered with a standard hard drive offer at least 80 GB of storage. This ability is more suited to multimedia use and can store videos and music in abundance. However, the hard drive is more sensitive to shocks while being a little heavier. Some versions are now available with hard drives of 160GB.

Do not underestimate the capacity for netbooks do not sound with optical drives (CD or DVD drives).

Autonomy: Netbooks are in fact characterized by a range of over the phone. But depending on the model, this time varies from 2 hours to over 10 hours. Educate yourself before you make your purchase.

Equipment: In addition to the disk and display the characteristics of netbooks are usually very close: 3 USB ports, a VGA output, a network port, a memory card reader SDHC, WiFi and a webcam. Some models are equipped with original Bluetooth and / or WiFi 802.11n (faster than standard 802.11g). Finally, the cheapest model, the webcam is usually limited to 0.3 Mega pixels against 1.3 Mega pixels on netbooks "upscale." Given the intended use of a netbook, standard equipment is usually enough.

Please note that some models offered by telephone companies come with a 3G module (internal or external USB).

What can you do with anetbook?

Generally, netbooks can doa little of everythingexcept3D applicationsbut theyquicklyshow theirlimitswhether incomputing power,storage spaceorbecause of theirsmall screenandsmallresolution.

Components that fit netbooks are not powerhouses.

Evenon the Internet, it may be expectedtosloworjerkyFlashanimationsincludingYoutube,Dailymotion, etc. This type ofinconveniencedoes not occurwith aconventional portableevenless powerful.

Netbooksarecapable of playingagainsttrouble-free720p HD video, DivX(andderivatives such asXvid), DVDs (external drive is required)andaudioformatscompressedor not.Listento music orwatch aDivXseekingjustthe processor andit ispossible to surfor workat the same time.

In terms ofphoto editing, use aword processor,a spreadsheet, a presentation program, it is often the limited resolutionof the netbookwhich isdisadvantageous. We must "scroll" a lot andin all directionsbecausethe toolbarsare highly invasivein 1024× 600! Side games, sure, netbooks are notmade ​​for that.

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