by Dinesh Thakur

In "PigLatin" a word such as KING is replaced by INGKAYand TROUBLE is replaced by OUBLETRAY and so on. The first vowel of the original word becomes the start of the translation, any proceeding letters being shifted towards the end and followed by AYwords that begin with vowels are left on changed.


Algorithm for translate the word in piglatin:

step 1: read String input

step 2: set char array chinput[]=input. toCharArray()

step 3: Initialize i=0

step 4: repeat through step-9 while(i<chinput.length)

step 5: if(chinput[i]='a' II chinput[i]='e' II chinput[i]=i' II chinput[i]= '0' || chinput[i]=='u' then execute following steps otherwise jump to step-9

step 6: set String ss=input.substring(i).toUpperCase()+ input. substring(0,i). toUpperCase()+"AY";

step 7: print ss

step 8: goto step-10

step 9: i=i+ 1

step 10: Exit

Here is the Java Example for translatethe word in piglatin:


public class PigLatin
                      public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException
                         System.out.print("Enter a Word For Translation to PigLatin : ");
                         BufferedReader br=new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(;
                         String input= br.readLine();
                         char[] Latin=input.toCharArray();
                             for(int i=0;i<Latin.length;i++)
                                     if(Latin[i]=='a' || Latin[i]=='e' || Latin[i]=='i' || Latin[i]=='o' || Latin[i]=='u')
                                             String ss=input.substring(i).toUpperCase()+input. substring(0,i).toUpperCase()+"AY";
                                             System.out.println("Translated Word to PigLatin is : " +ss);

translate the word in piglatin