This Function return the sub set that is following the String.


This Function use to escape the characters that interpreted as XML markup Language.


This Function returns the subset of Substring.


This Function Checks that the Placed String Contains the Sub string or Not.


                      This Function use to check the Substring before value of a String. 


              This Function Use to Count the Length of String or number of Characters in a String.


This tag used to execute the Select Statement in JSTL and stored value in variable.


This tag <sql:dateParam> use to assign a value or supply a on required place.  


This tag <sql:dateParam> use to assign a value or supply a date and time on required place within the reference of <sql:query> and <sql:update>. 


This Tag <sql:update> Execute The Sql statement like Insert,Update or Delete.


This tag used to create a loop over xml Documents this shows the value In which this is been implemented.


 This tag use to set the variable attribute for initializing a value.


This tag casually used with <x:transform> tag this used to set parameter in XSL style sheet with in the reference of XML file in the Given tag.


This tag works with two other tags named <x: when>,<x:otherwise>. In other words if we define this tags resembles like switch statement from primitive JAVA code. User has to choose according to requirement which statement will be selected and run.


This tag Is Used to Display the Output of Xpath on web browser.


This tag to use transforms the required Content from XML to XSL as we did in program. As Per condition we also create a XML File and a XSL file that will be represented on the web Browser as Output.


This tag is to use to define the Control statements In JSP. Like to choose or select from conditional Criteria…!


This tag In JSTL Library is Used to Show the time zone of Current Place of System or Internationalized Time Zone.


This tag in JSTL is used to read(parsing) the Date as per required format Pattern. Attributes That are mandatory to use are avail in this tag like value or pattern. The main attribute Is pattern That will instruct that in which format the date will be displayed.


This tag is Used to represent number as parsing Type like to display the number with decimal value or with only Integer type. As shown in the example below some attributes like value and var used to implement in that program. Var attribute use to store the variable value. Value will be use to assign the type of number.


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