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This function uses to converts the string in lower case from upper case.


This Function use to escape the characters that interpreted as XML markup Language.


 This tag use to set the variable attribute for initializing a value.


                                This Function converts all the string into Upper case.


This Function Checks that the Placed String Contains the Sub string or Not.


This tag Is Used to Display the Output of Xpath on web browser.


This Tag <sql:update> Execute The Sql statement like Insert,Update or Delete.


This tag <sql:dateParam> use to assign a value or supply a date and time on required place within the reference of <sql:query> and <sql:update>. 


This functions test the case insensitive way substring contained into string or not.


This tag is used to remove the variable from specified place or with the reference of scope of the variable when the particular space is not set on the first instance for removing variable. This tag ensures that it will remove any scoped resource or variable it tells to remove. Some attributes it also required for it. Like “var” variable name that has to be removed with the help of this tag.


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