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                      This Function use to check the Substring before value of a String. 


This tag <sql:dateParam> use to assign a value or supply a on required place.  


This tag used to execute the Select Statement in JSTL and stored value in variable.


This Function tests the Input String starts with the given suffix or not.

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We know that Servlet is a server side technology, so why has Sun Microsystems given JSP?

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Life cycle of a program includes the phases starting from creating objects for the class, execution, and at last destruction of objects. For this life cycle, JSP needs some life cycle methods.

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JSP technology is the Java Platform Technology (enterprise technology) for delivering dynamic content to web user (the person who is giving request from browser window) in a portable, secure and well-defined way. JSP has been built on top of the Servlet API and utilizes Servlet semantics. It uses HTML and XML templates and Java code to generate JSP page. JSP is secure, fast and independent of server platforms.

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A JSP page contains tags. The tags are in the form of scripting tags, directive tags and comments. Tags help programmers to develop Java codeless JSP program. Implicit objects increase the functionality of JSP page. Scripting element also helps in generating dynamic content and displaying dynamic content.

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A JSP page mainly comprises the following types of code.

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For web application development JSP generally supports two types of architecture.


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