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Let us use a while loop in conjunction with the getc macro to read a text file character by character as explained in Program. The counting of characters and lines is very straight forward, the code for which is given below.

/* count characters and lines in text file */

nchar = nline = 0;

while ((ch= getc(fp)) != EOF) {


   if (ch == '\n')



A complete program to count the number of characters, words and lines in a given text file is given below.

#include <stdio.h>

#include <ctype.h>

#include "fileopen.c"

int main()


    FILE *fp;

    char fname[50];

    int nchar, nword, nline;

    int ch, in_word;

    /* read file name and open it as a text file for reading */

    fp = fileopen(fname, "rt", "Enter input file name:");

    /* count characters, words and lines in text file */

    nchar = nword = nline = 0;

    in_word = 0;

    while ((ch= getc(fp)) != EOF) {


         if (ch == '\n')


           if (in_word == 0) {

              if (!isspace(ch)) {

                 in_word = 1;




        else if (isspace(ch))

                 in_word = 0;


       printf("Characters: %d Words: %d Lines: %d\n'',nchar, nword, nline);


                 return 0;


The program output that shows the statistics of a file containing the above program (with file function included) is given below.

Enter input file name: filestat.c

Characters: 1270 Words: 185 Lines: 56

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