by Dinesh Thakur

Data recovery is the art of restoring lost or damaged files. This damage can occur when your computer crashes, a virus infects, you accidentally reformat a disk that contains precious data, or you experience some other catastrophe of considerable dimension. And, at some point in your life, you're going to delete a file you really didn't mean to (believe me). The next time tragedy strikes, try running one of the many data recovery applications (powerful software written specifically for data recovery purposes) to see if it can correct the situation. Often these little jewels work magic and save your day-and your files.

There are companies that specialize in restoring lost data. These people generally work with more serious situations, like when you lose the last three years of your business's financial records. Find them in the yellow pages under "Computers: Service and Repair." Check the ads in the back pages of computer magazines if you can't find someone local. It's very common to have to ship your hard disk or your computer off to a company that can fix it.