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Algorithm for Java Sum of Digits :


step 1: Set sum=0

step 2: Read num

step 3: Repeat through step-5 while num greater than 0

step 4: temp=num % 10

step 5: sum=sum+temp

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This statement helps in choosing one set of statement out of two sets depending on the validity of the logical expression included. It is also known as conditional branch statement as it is used to route program execution through two different paths.

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Finalizer methods are almost the opposite of constructor methods. A constructor method is used to initialize an object, while finalizer methods are called just before the object is garbage-collected and its memory reclaimed. The syntax of the finalizer method is simply finalize(). The Object class defines a default finalizer method. To create a finalizer method, override the finalize() method using the following signature:

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Currently the definition of Greatest Common Divisor (GDC) can be formalized as well:

Let a, b and c nonzero integers, we say that c is a common divisor of a and b to c divides (write c | a) and c divides b (c | b). We call D (a, b) the set of all common divisors of a and b.

The code snippet below shows how to calculate the GDC two reported numbers:


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