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Currently the definition of Greatest Common Divisor (GDC) can be formalized as well:

Let a, b and c nonzero integers, we say that c is a common divisor of a and b to c divides (write c | a) and c divides b (c | b). We call D (a, b) the set of all common divisors of a and b.

The code snippet below shows how to calculate the GDC two reported numbers:

import java.util. *;

public class ProgGCD {
public static void main (String [] args) {
   Scanner scan = new Scanner (;
   System.out.print ("Calculate the Greatest Common Divisor (GCD)\n");
   System.out.print ("Enter the first number :");
     int First_No = scan.nextInt();
   System.out.print ("Enter the second number :");
     int Second_No = scan.nextInt();
   System.out.println ("The GCD of " + First_No + " and " + Second_No + " and " + GDC (First_No, Second_No));
public static int GDC (int x, int y) {
   int result;
   while (y != 0) {
     result = x% y;
     x = y;
     y = result;
   return x;

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