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Stack-This class is a predefined class of java.uti1package. A stack represents a group of elements stored in LIFO (Last In Fast Out) order. This means that the element stored as a last element in the stack will be the first element to be removed from the stack.

Methods of Stack class:

1. bolean empty(): It checks whether the stack is empty or not. If the stack is empty it returns true.

2. element peek():This method returns the top most object from the stack without removing it.

3. element pop():This method remove the top most element from the stack and returns the element.

4. element push(element object): This method insert an element object into the top of the stack and returns that element.

StringTokenizer: This class is a predefined class present in java.util package.It used to break the String into pieces i.e.tokens. These tokens are stored in StringTokenizer object from which they can be retrieved.


1. boolean has MoreToken():- It used to test if there are more tokens available in the String Tokenizer object or not. It returns true if next token is present.

2. String nextTokens():- This method returns the next tokens from the StringTokenizer.

3. int countTokens():- It returns the number of tokens present in StringTokenizer object.

Algorithm for Reverse the Order of the Words in a Sentence:

step 1: read String a

step 2: create object of Stack class named sta

step 3: StringTokenizer st= new StringTokenizer(a)

step 4: repeat through step-5 while (st.hasMoreTokens()) returns true

step 5: sta.push( st. nextElement())

step 6: repeat through step-5 while(sta.empty()) returns false

step 7: print sta.pop()

step 8: print one space

step 9: Exit

Here is the Java Example for Reverse the Order of the Words in a Sentence:

import java.util.*;

public class ReverseOrderWords
               public static void main(String[] args)
                     System.out.print("Enter a Sentence : ");
                     Scanner s=new Scanner(;
                     String a=s.nextLine();
                     Stack sta=new Stack();
                     StringTokenizer st=new StringTokenizer(a);
                                       System.out.println("\nOriginal string : " + a);
                                       System.out.print("Reverse Order Words : ");
                                                         System.out.print(" ");

Reverse the Order of the Words

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