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The save point is a logical position in a transaction up to which we can rollback the transaction. When the save point is placed in the middle of the transaction, the logics placed before the save point will be committed and the logics placed after the save point will be rolled back. There are two types of save points:

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Join is a keyword in SQL that is used to retrieve data from two or more table based on some relationship between two columns.

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JDBC connection pool is divided into two parts:

1. JDBC Driver Managed/Stand Alone JDBC Connection Pool (Resides Outside The Server)

2. Web Server Managed JDBC Connection Pool

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Limitations of ResultSet object


Objects become serializable object only when its class implements

interface. We can send only Serializable objects over the network.

i. ResultSet object cannot be send over the network because it is not Serializable object.

ii. ResultSet object does not support beans style programming.

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Network round trips (query gone for execution to database and result comes to the screen, i.e., one network roundtrip) increases while sending multiple queries as individual queries to the database. It is recommended to combine them into a single unit/batch and send that batch to database only once for execution. This is called batch processing and this reduces network round trips between Java application and the database software.

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A transaction is a group of operations used to perform a particular task. In a transaction if one operation fails then all operations of the transaction gets cancelled. Finally, the transaction status fails.


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