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Information system is a special type of system that allows storage, retrieval and processing of data in a secure environment. Logically the major sub systems of information systems are:

Data Repository

This is a subsystem which is at the core of any information system. Mostly this is a relational database management system that has pre-formatted and structured tables for storage of data. These structures are arranged in a way that helps in faster storage and retrieval of such data with adequate security.

User Interface

This subsystem handles the interaction of the system with the user (human) and hence it has to take care of issues related to the display of data on an output medium. This can be either graphical or character-based depending on the level of ease offered to the user.


This subsystem ensures communication between the different entities of an information system. It is crucial for functioning of an information system.

Computer Hardware

One needs IT infrastructure to use information systems in an effective manner. Almost all the components of an information system are housed in some kind of computer hardware enabling it to perform the tasks better. For example, an algorithm to find the lowest of three numbers can also be calculated manually but under a computerized system, it will be much faster and efficient.

System Software

Some basic software is required just like computer hardware for efficient functioning of information systems. The system software does not directly aid in the functionality of information systems but work as enablers. Examples would include operating systems.


Sometimes this is clubbed with the user interface to suggest that I/O functions are handled by UI alone. However, in some systems I/O may be user independent like when an alert is activated, the input for the alert comes from some other system input rather than a user.

Business Rule (Process)

This is a set of rules that governs how a system should function to mimic the real business process.

Algorithm/Program/ Application Software

This is the actual invisible component that integrates all the components. The logic (business rule), is defined in the program (embedded in it) which enables the functioning of the information system for some specific purpose.

All the above components work in concert to make a functional information system.

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