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The current group of records associated with a data control; may be a table recordset , a dynaset, or a snapshot.


Visual Basic supports 3 kinds of Record Set as follows:-


Table Record Set:-


Table Record Set represents a single table as it exist in a Database file. Table Record Set are usually updatable unless the file is locked or open for read only.




A Dynaset is temporary set of data taken from one or more table in the form one of many table in the underlined file. A Dynaset may be a query. That was defined in a access of table of result of joining multiple tables. Like a table, a Dynaset is updatable if file is not locked or open for read only. Data in Dynaset is live that is any changes made to data as project is executing will appear in Record Set.




Snapshot Record Set, like a dynaset, may be taken from one or more table. The difference is that snapshot is not updatable and also not live. A snapshot is like photograph a picture of reality a give point. TYBSC (IT) Visual Basic 2


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