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Data control


Using data control is a two-step process. First you place a data control on a form and set the properties to link it to a database file and table

You create the controls, such as labels and text boxes, to display the actual data. Each control is a bound to particular field in the table. In this example the label is called a data bound control and automatically displays the contents of bound field when the project runs.

Data control generally links one form with one table.

If you want to have data-bound controls on second form, you must place a data control on that form.

Prefix of data control is “dat”

For data-bound control prefix depends upon the control which you are using.

Data control to work you need to set some properties to connect with database like connect property, database name property, record source property.

To display data on the data-bound control that you are using like labels or textboxes. You need set it?s data source property and data field name which is column name form the table.



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