Turn Desktop View Off
by Dinesh Thakur

The following properties apply to most of the objects :

• Name : It sets the name of the control, through which you can access the control’s properties and methods.

• Appearance : It can be 0 for a flat look or 1 for a 3-D look.

• Back Color : It sets the background color on which text is displayed or graphics are drawn.

• Fore Color : It sets the foreground color

• Font : It sets the face, attribute, and size of the font used for the text on the control.

• Caption : It sets the text that is displayed on many controls that don’t accept input, for example, the text on a Label control, the caption of a Command Button control.

• Text : It sets the text that is displayed on the controls that accept user input, for example, the TextBox control.

• Width & Height : These properties set the control’s dimensions.

• Left & Top : These properties set the coordinates of the control’s upper-left corner, expressed in the units of the container.

• Enabled : By default, this property’s value is True, which means that the control can get the focus.

 • Visible : Set this property to False to make a control invisible.