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The fastest way to search for a particular record is to use the Seek method , which can be used only with a table recordset tab.The Seek method uses indexes for the search , which is much faster than checking every record in the table as you do in a find .


In order to do a seek , the field on which you search must be defined with an index.


Data1.Recordset.Seek ComparisonOperator , FieldValue

The comparison operator must be enclosed in quotation marks and can be any one of this "=",">=",">","<=","<".The field value is the actual value for which to search string literal must be enclosed in quotation marks;numeric values must not be so enclosed.


i. Data1.Recordset.Seek "=", "0-671-66398-4"

ii.Data1.Recordset.Seek ">=", 1 'find first record greater than or equal to 1 in the first position of the key



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