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The JDBC specification related API in the form of java.sql package.

In the JDBC API packages given in the next page can create methods of abstract, can create classes represent guidelines to develop JDBC drivers, whereas abstract methods of interface and abstract classes represent rules to develop JDBC drivers.

Each JDBC driver is set of classes implementing various interfaces of JDBC API packages. While defining methods of these interfaces the classes contain logic to interact with specific database software.

JDBC API provides a standard abstraction for Java application to access JOBC drivers, which is implemented by 3rd party vendor, i.e., database. In other words, JDBC API defines a standard protocol between a Java application and JDBC driver.

Important Goals of JDBC-API

• Provides a standard abstraction for submitting the SQL statements to access the data is database.

• Maintains focus on SQL.

• Support the compatibility with connectors.

• Provides a foundation for high-level API and keep it simple.


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