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This uses traditional thick baseband coaxial cable in bus topology to connect multiple computers as shown. This single transmission line is called a segment. A coaxial cable 10mm in diameter, known as a thick coaxial cable is used as a transmission line. A terminator is connected at each end of the cable. Note that proper data communication cannot be assured even if one of these terminators is missing or not properly connected.

A transceiver is used to connect a coaxial cable and terminals. A transceiver cable (also referred to as an AUI (Attachment Unit Interface) cable) is used to connect a transceiver and the NIC. The maximum length of this cable is 50 meters. Up to 100transceivers can be connected to each segment. The minimum allowable distance between transceivers is 2.5 meters.

                  Thick Net/Yellow Ethernet

10Base stands for 10Mbps and baseband transmission system. The 5 of 10Base5Signifya maximum of 500 meter segment length. The segment may be extended up to 1500 meters by using repeaters.

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