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The user interface is what appears in the application’s window when it runs. It consists of various elements with which the user can interact and control the application. The first element of the user interface is the Form.


(i) Picture Box : This control is used to display images, and the images are set with Picture property

(ii) Label : This control displays text on a Form that the user can’t edit.

(iii) Text Box : It displays text that the user can edit.

(iv) Frame : It is used to draw boxes on the Form and to group other elements.

(v) Command Button : It is the most common element of the Windows interface. It represents an action that is carried out when the user clicks the button.

(vi) Check Box : It presents one or more choices that the user can select.

(vii) Option Button : Also called as radio buttons, appear in groups, and the user can choose only one of them.

(viii) Combo Box : It is similar to the List Box control, but it contains a text Edit field. The user can choose an item from the list or enter in the Edit field.

(ix) List Box : It contains a list of options from which the user can choose one or more. The user can scroll the list to locate an item.

(x) The Horizontal and Vertical Scroll Bars : The user specify a magnitude by scrolling the control’s button between its minimum and maximum value.

(xi) Timer : It is used to perform tasks at regular intervals.

(xii) File System Controls : These controls are used to add file-handling capabilities to your application

(xiii) Image : It is similar to the Picture Box control in that it can display images, but it supports only a few features of the Picture Box control and requires fewer resources.

(xiv) Data : It provides point and click access to data stored in data- bases.

(xv) OLE : It is a window you can place on your Form to host documents from other applications, such as Microsoft Word or Excel

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