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There are several kinds of buttons in computer applications, buttons that you click on with the mouse pointer or that you activate with a key stroke. Buttons provide a way to tell the computer what to do. The buttons with the little round dots are called radio buttons, and they always come in groups of two or more. A set of radio buttons is a visual clue that you only have a choice of one of those options. Choosing another button automatically turns off the button that was currently selected, just like pressing a button on your car radio switches you from one station to the next.

Like other buttons, radio buttons are mostly found in a graphical user interface like the Macintosh or Windows or Presentation Manager, but they're popping up in text-mode programs, too. Compare radio buttons with checkbox buttons, where you can choose as many of the checkboxes as you like.

import java.awt.*;

import javax.swing.*;
import java.awt.event.*;
public class JavaExampleMenuRadioButtonInJApplet extends JApplet implements ItemListener
        ImageIcon Icn = new ImageIcon("item.jpg");
        RdoBtnMnuItem1 = new JRadioButtonMenuItem("Item 1", Icn),
        RdoBtnMnuItem2 = new JRadioButtonMenuItem("Item 2", Icn),
        RdoBtnMnuItem3 = new JRadioButtonMenuItem("Item 3", Icn),
        RdoBtnMnuItem4 = new JRadioButtonMenuItem("Item 4", Icn);
        public void init()
             Container Cntnr = getContentPane();
             JMenuBar MnuBar = new JMenuBar();
             JMenu Mnu = new JMenu("Radio Button Menu Items");
             ButtonGroup BtnGrp = new ButtonGroup();
             public void itemStateChanged(ItemEvent e1)
                 JMenuItem MnuItem= (JMenuItem) e1.getSource();
                 String ItmTxt = MnuItem.getText();
                 if(e1.getStateChange() == ItemEvent.SELECTED)
                 ItmTxt += " was selected";
                 ItmTxt += " was deselected";
/*<APPLET CODE = JavaExampleMenuRadioButtonInJApplet.class WIDTH = 350 HEIGHT = 280 ></APPLET>*/

Menu Radio Button Java Example

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