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We can gather the miscellaneous information from HttpRequest by calling various getxxx methods on request object as shown below.

* Use user-agent request header that holds browser software name as shown below.

  In service (--) method

 PW.println (“<br> <br> the current browser window” +req.getHeader (“user-agent”) )// request header name.

* The URL pattern of servlet program is technically called as servlet path.

//example request URL: http://localhost:2020/FolderName/PName? sno=11

PW.println (“<br> miscellaneous information of http request”);

//methods available in javax.Servlet.ServletRequest

PW.println (“<br> Request Content Length:” +req.getContentLength ());

//gives request data length in bytes like 345 bytes (if not known gives -1)

PW.println (“<br> request content type:” +req.getContentType ());

//gives request content like text/html (if not known gives null)

PW.println (“<br> request protocol:” +req.getProtocol ());

//gives http/1.1

PW.println (“<br> request scheme:” +req.getScheme ());

//gives Http

PW.println (“<br> request browser window machine IP address:” +req.getRemoteAddr ());


PW.println (“<br> browser window machine host name:” +req.getRemoteHost ());

//gives current computer name otherwise IP address

PW.println (“<br> browser window port no:” +req.getRemotePort ());

//gives 2922 for Netscape, 2926 for IE

PW.println (“<br> server name” +req.getServerName ());

//gives the domain name typed in the url like local host

PW.println (“<br> server port” +req.getServerPort ());

//gives 2020

//methods available in javax.Servlet.HttpServletRequest

PW.println (“<br> context path:” +req.getContextPath ());

//gives FolderName

PW.println (“<br> request method is:” +req.getMethod ());

//gives GET

PW.println (“<br> request path info is:” +req.getPathInfo ());

//gives additional information kept in request url (otherwise null)

PW.println (“<br> query string is:” +req.getQueryString ());

//gives sno=11

PW.println (“<br> request uri:” +req.getRequestURI ());

//gives /FolderName/PName

PW.println (“<br> request url:” +req.getRequestURL ());

//gives http://localhost:2020/ FolderName/PName

PW.println (“<br> servlet path:” +req.getServletPath ());

//gives /PName


* Servlet program can avoid browser dependent tags while generating html tags based    response if by knowing browser software name through the request header user-agent.

When web resource program (like servlet program) sends response to browser window the generated http response contain multiple details including response content. Those details can be remembered as SCH details.

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