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Internet connectIvIty has become synonymous with “smart” when it comes to consumer electronics and appliances. But if your Wi-Fi connection goes down, you might have a hard time adjusting to a Blu-ray player that just plays Blu-ray Discs, a phone that only makes phone calls, and a tablet that just plays games. Follow these Wi- Fi connection troubleshooting tips to “smarten up” your favorite gadgets.

Device Fails To Detect A Wi-Fi Network

The first thing you should do is find another Wi-Fi-capable device and attempt to connect to the Wi-Fi network. If the second device also cannot locate the SSID (Service Set Identifier), or Wi-Fi network name, then turn your attention to the wireless router. Most routers have LEDs that indicate connection status, so consult your manual and determine if the router appears to be operating normally. The manual also provides instructions for accessing the configuration menu, so check this to make sure you actually have a wireless network up and running. Reset your security password if necessary. Make sure that your router is configured to broadcast the SSID, at least while you’re troubleshooting. (You may wish to stop broadcasting once the problem is resolved.) Also, check the wired devices plugged into your router to determine if the router itself is malfunctioning. Finally, restart your PC and any device that has failed to connect to the wireless network. If the connectivity issue is isolated to a single device, disabling and re-enabling Wi-Fi may solve the problem.

The Wi-Fi Network Is Working, But There’s No Internet

You may need to reset your Internet connection. Unplug the wireless router and modem. Next, plug in the modem and wait ten to twenty seconds for the lights to come on and then plug in the router. If your modem has a battery backup, you may need to press a recessed button to reset it. Check all Ethernet cables for loose connections and then try to find your Wireless network with your Wi-Fi-based devices.


A Wi-Fi network requires little maintenance. If you regularly maintain your PC, modem, router, and wireless devices, the network should continue to operate flawlessly. You may experience speed fluctuations if there are too many devices or appliances nearby that operate on the same frequency; minimize this problem by keeping your wireless router and Wi-Fi devices away from cordless phones, microwaves, wireless game controllers, Bluetooth devices, and even fluorescent lights.

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