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Insertion Sort is a sorting technique based on the idea of inserting a new element in a set of given elements so that the resulting elements are also in sorted order. Suppose a set of 4 elements A[0], A[l], A[2], A[3] are to be sorted in ascending order. Initially sort A[0]and A[l] in ascending order. If A[l] is less than A[0], interchange their positions. Otherwise the positions of the elements remain the same. Next insert A[2] in the appropriate position so that the resulting array A[0], A[l] and A[2] remain sorted. The process is repeated in this manner.




The program illustrates sorting numbers in ascending order using Insertion sort.


#include <iostream.h>

const int n=5;

void main( )


int a[n], i,j,k;

int temp;

cout<<"enter the values "<<"\n";







if (a[j]<a[k])



for(int l=j;l>k;l--)






cout<<"pass "<<j<<" ";


cout<<a[i]<<" ";




The first j elements are sorted where j =2,3 ... upto n. The place where (j+1) th element is to be inserted ,that is k, is found .The elements between places k and j are shifted by one position. After that the (j+l)th element is inserted at the kth position.


Input and Output:


enter the values


34        22        49        10        2


pass     1          22        34        49        10        2

pass     2          22        34        49        10        2

pass     3          10        22        34        49        2

pass     4          2          10        22        34        49

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