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Like other user defined data types, a structure can also include another structure, as its member, in its definition. A structure defined within another structure is known as a nested structure.

To understand the concept of nested structures, consider this example.


Example: A code segment to demonstrate nested structures


struct date // inner structure definition


int day;

int month;

int year;


struct employee // outer structure


int emp_no ;

char name [10];

date dob ; I I inner structure


In this example, the structure employee contains a structure variable of date type struct1,lre as one of its member. Now, the members of employee can be initialized using either of these statements.

employee emp1={101,"Smith",{22,4,1975}};


employee emp1= {101, Smith" ,22,4,1975} ;


The members of a nested structure can be accessed using these statements.


Cout<<emp1.dob.month; //display month of emp1; //assign value to day

//member of emp1

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