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All the Above Operators are Called as Binary Operators because they takes two Operands for Performing an Operation. But the Increment and decrement operators are called as Unary because they takes only one operand For Performing an Operation This Operator Contains ++ for Increment and -- for Decrement.


But Always Remember the Increment and Decrements operates only one operand and only 1 is either increased or decreased. There are two ways for using Increment and Decrement operator Means We can Use Increment operator after a variable or either before a Variable

If we are using an Operator before variable then it is called as prefix and if we are using a variable after a variable then it is called as postfix there is Something Difference b/w Prefix and Postfix.

          In Prefix Value of Operand is First Increment or Decrement before performing an Operation and in Postfix first the Operation is performed and then after this will increase the value of a variables For Example

          ++ a is a Prefix Notation.

          a++ is a Postfix Notation.



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