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Types of e – commerce:-

    Business to customer (B to C):-It means the consumer is motivated by business.


B to C working


1. visiting the virtual mall- customer visits the mall by browsing the outline catalogue.

2. customer registers- customer has to register to become part of the site’s shopper registry

3. customer buys product.

4. merchant processes the order- the merchant then processes the order that is received from the previous stage & fills up the necessary forms.

5. credit card is processed:- credit card of the customer is authenticated thorugh a payment gateway or a bank.

6. shipment & delivery:- the product is then shipped to customer.

7. customer receives:- the product is received by customer and is verified.

8. After sales service:- after sale, the firm wants to maintains a good relationship with its customers. It is called CRM customer relationship management.

       2. Business to business (B to B):- this is called as a business motivated by another business.


B2B is classified as:-


1. market place:- a digital electronic market place where suppliers and commercial purchasers can conduct transactions.

2. e – distributors:- a company that suppliers products and services directly to individual business.

3. B2B service provider:- it is a company that aells access to internet based software application to another companies.

4. infomediary:- a company whose business model is premised upon gathering information about customers & selling it to other businesses.

3. Consumer to business (C to B):- a business motivated by a customer.


The various C2B classified into:-


1. idea collectors:- consumers generally have a great idea about how to improve the existing products and what new features can be added to new products. E.g.


2. reverse auctions:- it allow prospective airline travelers to visit the website and name their price for traval between only pair of city. If an airline is willing to issue a ticket at there price, the passenger is obligated to buy.


3. Consumer to consumer (C to C):-


In this type, a consumer is motivated by another consumer. Consumers sells directly to other consumers via online classified ads and auctions, or by selling personal services or expertise online. E.g.

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