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 EDI architechture specifies 4 layers:-

1)Semantic (application layer)

2)Standard transaction layer

3)Packing (transport) layer

4)Physical n/w infrastructure layer.

1)Semantic layer:- It describes the business application that is driving EDI.

For a procurement application, this translates into requests for quotes, price quotes, purchase orders, acknoledgements & involves.

The information seen at this layer must be translated from a company specific from to a more generic form so that it can be send to various trading partners, who could be using a varity of software applications at this end.

When a trading partner sends a document, the EDI translation software converts the proprietary format into a standard mutually agreed on by the processing system. When a company receivers the document, their EDI translation software automatically changes the standard format into proprietary format of their document processing software so that company can manipulate the information in whatever way it chooses to.

 2. EDI standards:- It specify business form structure and it also influence the content at application layer.

3. The most two important standards are:-

     - EDIPACT

     - ANSI X12


3.EDI transport layer:- it corresponds closely with the non-electronic activity of sending a business form from one company A to company B.

The business form could be sent via regular postal service, registered mail, certified mail or private carrier such as united pariel service (UPS) or simply faxed between the companies.

EDI semantic layer application level services

EDI standard layer EDIFACT


EDI transport layer e- mail X 435

Point2point FTP

www HTTP

4.Physical layer :- Dial up lines


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