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While writing software code, several coding tools are used along with the programming language to simplify the tasks of writing the software code. Note that coding tools vary from one programming language to another as they are developed according to a particular programming language. However, sometimes a single coding tool can be used in more than one programming language. Generally, coding tools comprises text editors, supporting tools for a specific programming language, and the framework required to run the software code. Some of the commonly used coding tools are listed in Table.

In addition to the programming language and coding tools, there are some software programs that are essential to run the software code. For instance, a debugger is used to detect the source of program errors by performing a step-by-step execution of the software code. A debugger breaks program execution at various levels in the application program. It supports features such as breakpoints, displaying or changing memory, and so on. Similarly, compilers are used to translate programs written in a high-level language into their machine language equivalents.

                                                 Table Coding Tools


Coding Tools




Java, XML

Used to speed up web applications and database applications. It provides interfaces to application servers such as Web Logic, WebSphere and EAServer as an editor and visual flow designer. In addition, it provides the J2SE and J2EE support in Java, enhanced performance tools, and code audits.



Used for the server-side scripting of languages such as ASP.NET and HTML. In addition, it is used for performing functions such as creation of websites, database connections, querying a database, formatting the output of software code, and displaying multiple records.



Used for Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Java. It is a cross-platform tool integrated with other coding tools of Java and relatively easy to set up.



Used for writing code in Java. In addition, it is a cross-platform tool and is flexible to use as any action being performed repeatedly can be standardized using Ant.



Used for testing a framework by creating tests for the software code that are to be repeated as often as required.


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