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The activities in the management process for a project can be grouped broadly into three phases.


Project management begins with planning, which is perhaps the single largest responsibility of the project management. The goal of this phase is to develop a plan for software development following which the objectives of the project can be met successfully and efficiently. During planning, the major activities are cost estimation, schedule and milestone determination, project staffing, quality control plans, and controlling and monitoring plans.


In cost and schedule estimation, the total cost and time needed for successfully completing the project are estimated. Project monitoring and control phase of the management process is the longest in terms of duration; it encompasses most of the development process. It includes all activities the project management has to perform while the development is going on to ensure that project objectives are met and the development proceeds according to the developed plan.


Interpretation of the information is part of monitoring and control. Termination analyst-is performed when the development process is over. The basic reason for performing termination analysis is to provide information about the development process

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