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These are the Special Variables those are used storing the address of variable .We know that Every variable must be Stored in Memory of Computer or in other words a Small part of Memory if used by a Variable For Storing his value So that For Storing a Value into a variable

There must be need some Memory When We declare a variable and after when we Compiles our program then Compiler will gives the Some Memory For Storing his value So that if you wants to Check where in Memory , Value of variable is Actually Stored , Then we have to use Pointers Which Returns us Address of Memory Where the Variable is Actually Stored.


As I Mentioned Pointer is also a Variable So that the Pointer variable also must be declared With the Sign of asterisk or star (*) in front of variable

                   A Variable is declared with a asterisk Sign is known as pointer variable. For Retrieving a Address of Variable you have to put the Address of variable with the help of & Address Operator in Front of variable like this

                   Int a ,*p


                             p = &a

Here p is a Pointer variable and this will stores the Address of a Variable a if you wants to see the Address of a variable then we uses the cout Function with the name if variable.


Pointer to Pointer:- Pointer to Pointer is used when we wants to Retrieve the value that is stored in Memory of Actual value that is stored in a pointer variable When at the Time Print when we again put the asterisk sign in front of pointer variable then this will be the Pointer to pointer variable.


 Benefits of Pointers: -


1)   For Displaying the Memory Location and When we knows about the Address of a Variable then we can change the value of variable


2)   When we doesn’t know about the actual size of data then we declare the variable as pointer We can declare a pointer as Pointer , An Array and Also a Strings


3)   The Number of Length needs not to be count .The Actual Length of Pointer variable will be depends of Number of Elements or values those are put into the variables


4)   We can Pass a Pointer to Function in the Form of Array and Also as Strings


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