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Limitations of ecommerce:

1. Security: the security risk in ecommerce can be
• client / server risk
• data transfer and transaction risk
• virus risk

2. High start up cost:
The various components of cost involved with ecommerce are:-

• connection:- connection cost to the internet.

• hardware / software:- this includes cost of sophisticated computer, moduer, routers, etc.

• maintenance:- this include cost invole in traning of employees and maintenance of web-pages.

3. Legal issues:- these issues arises when the customer data is fall in the hands of strangers.

4. Lack of skilled personnel:- there is difficulty in finding skilled www developers and knowledgeable professionals to manage and a maintain customer on line.

5. Loss of contact with customers:- Sometimes customers feels that they doesnot have received sufficient personal attention.

6. Uncertainty and lack of information :- most of the companies has never used any electronic means of communication with its customers as the internet is an unknown mode for them.

7. Some business process may never be available to ecommerce:- Some items such as foods, high cost items such as jwellery may be impossible to be available on the internet.

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