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The modems can be classified according to their characteristics as


Range - Short Haul, Voice Grade (VG), Wide band

Line Type - Dial-up, Leased, Private

Operation Mode - Half Duplex, Full Duplex, Simplex

Synchronization - Asynchronous, Synchronous

Modulation - AM, FM/FSK,PM

Transmission Media - Radio, Optical and Dial up.

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In computer network Switches and Bridges are the layer 2 computer network devices. Once the number of users began to push the limits of a single computer network segment, there was a need to create a new segment to link two computer networks together a device called bridges accomplished this. basically the bridges have 2 ports, one for each computer network, bridges actually inspect the data that passes through them and make decisions about whether to send it to the other computer network or not.

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  1. A Computer networking model where one or more powerful computers (servers) provide the different computer network services and all other user'of computer  network (clients) access those services to perform user's tasks is known as client/server computer networking model.

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A packet is the unit of data that is routed between an origin of  computer  network and a destination of computer network on the Internet or any other packet-switched computer network. When any file (e-mail message, HTML file, Graphics Interchange Format file, Uniform Resource Locator request, and so forth) is sent from one place of computer network to another place of computer network on the Internet, the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) layer of TCP/IP of computer network.

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To access Internet Through a Cable TV. Computer Network requires a cable Modem. It has two interfaces on it one for computer  and other for Cable Network The Computer side interface is usually is a USB Interface or 10Mbps Ethernet And The Cable Network is common cable wire interface.

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A computer in computer network that connects to the server and uses the network services to perform user's tasks is a client computer.

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  1. Hybrid networks are the networks that are based on both peer-to-peer & client-server relationship.
  2. Hybrid networks incorporate the best features of workgroups in peer-to-peer networks with the performance, security and reliability of server-based networks.
  3. Hybrid networks still provide all of the centralized services of servers, but they also allow users to share and manage their own resources within the workgroup.
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                         Metropolitan Area Network

A Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) covers larger geographic area such as cities or districts. By interconnecting smaller networks within a large geographic area, information is easily disseminated throughout the network. Local libraries and government agencies often use a MAN to connect to citizens and private industries. It may also connect MANs together within a larger area than LAN. The geographical limit of a MAN may span a city.

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The distinguishing feature of star topology is that all nodes are joined at a single point, as shown in Figure. This single point is called as a central node, hub, or switch, to which all other devices are attached directly, generally via UTP or STP. This topology is frequently used for networks in which control of the network is located in the central node. This method is optimal when the bulk of communication is between the central and outlying nodes. If traffic is high between outlying nodes, an undue switching burden is placed on the central node.

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Connectionless service is a self-contained action and does not include establishment, maintenance and releasing a connection.

• Each message carries the full destination address and is treated and routed independently of all other messages.


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