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Security issues in computer networks have become one of the most important areas of research with the fantastic proliferation of Internet, and the emergence of a series on sensitive on-line applications. Hiding sensitive transactions from intruders as well as providing a reliable means for authenticating oneself is a very important area of research.


The proposed tutorial will provide an overview of the security technologies that have been proposed by researchers over the years, with particular focus on those that have been in popular use. Topics like conventional private-key cryptography, authentication, public key cryptography, digital certificates, steganography, etc. would be covered.


Some of the popular security protocols used in common Internet applications would also be discussed, like Kerberos, pretty good privacy (PGP), IP security (IPSec) and secure socket layer (SSL). In the final part of the tutorial, various topics related to intrusion detection and system security would be discussed. Specifically, practical techniques of intrusion detection and prevention in an enterprise network, firewall systems, computer viruses, OS security, etc

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