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Organization Process Definition (OPD) is responsible for developing and maintaining a usable set of software process assets. The objective is to develop and maintain a standard software process for the organization. The organization process assets improve process performance across different projects and provide a basis for long term benefits to the organization. Various assets of the organization software process are listed below.

  1. Organization standard software process
  2. Guidelines and criteria for the projects
  3. Descriptions of software development life cycles
  4. Organization software process database
  5. Central repository of software process related documentation, which is available for reuse.

Depending on the implementation of OPD, the software process asset is collected in the software process library. Other than assets, the software process library also includes the process item, which includes the tasks and activities for software processes. The software process for an organization is used in developing, implementing, and maintaining the projects defined in software processes. In organization process definition, the organization follows a written policy for developing and maintaining a standard software process and related process assets. Specifications of this policy are listed below.

  1. Standard software process is defined for the organization and it can contain various other software processes. These software processes are essential to address the needs of different applications and tools that are included in the software projects.
  2. Software process assets of the organization are maintained.
  3. Information collected from the projects is organized and used to improve the organization standard software process.

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