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The Organization Process Focus (OPF) is responsible for establishing software process activities and improving these activities with process capability specified by the organization. This involves understanding software processes of projects and coordinating activities to assess, develop, maintain, and improve those processes. The organization provides resources for coordinating and maintaining software processes for existing and future projects. The activities for such purposes are carried out by SEPG. This group is responsible for developing and maintaining standard software processes and process assets in the organization. SEPG also coordinates process activities with the software projects. The goals of the organization process focus are listed below.

  1. To coordinate software process development and improvement activities in the organization
  2. To identify the strengths and weaknesses of the software processes according to the process standard
  3. To plan organization level process development and improvement activities.

To coordinate software process development and improvement activities, the organization follows written policy. This policy follows certain steps, which are listed below.

1. A group responsible for organization-level, software process is established, which coordinates the processes with the projects.

2. The processes utilized by the projects are assessed to specify the strengths and weaknesses of these processes.

3. Software processes (used by the projects) are appropriately customized according to the standard software processes of the organization.

The senior management in the organization monitors software process development and activities to ensure that the standard software processes of the organization are according to its business strategies and goals. In addition, the senior management advises on setting priorities and participates in establishing plans for software process development and improvement.

The organization maintains a plan for improving the software process development and activities. It determines activities which are to be performed and a schedule for those activities. The plan specifies the resources, individuals and the tools required for improving the software process in the organization. In addition, when the plan is created, it is reviewed and accepted by the organization's senior managers.

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