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A Browser is a piece of software that everybody needs if they want to surf the Internet for useful or interesting websites. Web pages are designed to be read by Browsers and Browsers are designed to read web pages. Fortunately, acquiring a Browser is slightly easier than catching the common cold. They are everywhere. Most computers now come with one pre-installed. A great many CD-ROMs are now designed to be read like a website and so include a Browser which can be installed onto a computer's hard drive and ISPs give them away free to anyone who signs up for their service. There is nothing difficult about acquiring a Browser.

There is also nothing difficult about using one. Just click on the icon of whatever ISP is being used and the Browser will launch itself automatically. After that all it takes is to enter the address of a particular website, click on go, and the job is done. Browsers are a rare example of software which truly is user-friendly.

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