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DisplayPort is a super-fast, 21.6Gbps interface designed to carry video to computer monitors. With this much bandwidth on tap, it’s able to accommodate greater resolution, faster refresh rates, and more color depth than HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface). Besides professional media content generation applications, DisplayPort (sometimes abbreviated DP) is ideal for multiple-monitor setups.

DisplayPort’s port resembles HDMI’s, except that its connector has only one beveled corner instead of two. Also, DisplayPort’s center post is shaped like a shallow letter U. Using an adapter, you can convert DisplayPort to HDMI, DVI (Digital Visual Interface), and VGA (Video Graphics Array).
Some devices, such as multimonitor graphics cards, have mini-DP ports, which look like small squares with two beveled corners. The latest extension to the Display-Port 1.2 standard lets it support active cables more than 100 feet long.

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