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Language: C is a powerful, efficient, general purpose structured programming language. Although C is a high level language but it also supports features of a low level language, so it is sometimes called a middle level language. It is actually binding the gap between a machine language and more conventional high level languages. c++ is partial copy of object oriented programming language that allow programmers to build large and complex applications in a useful and efficient way.

Java is a class-based and an pure object oriented programming language that is based firmly on the programming syntax for both C and C++ languages. Developers tend to go for Java over and above the other programming languages because of its flexibility in securely running on just about any platform, regardless as we said earlier, of the architecture of the platform or the operating system it runs on.

Header Files: A C/C++ uses header file, that is a source code file that is included to use already declared symbols. Java does not use such an approach of code reuse, but java uses Packages.
Pointers: C & C++ language explicitly support pointer, but java doesn’t supports pointers.

Storage Classes: Java doesn’t supports storage classes like auto, external etc.

Translator: The Code of C Language is Converted into the Machine code after Compilation But in Java Code First Converted into the Bytes Codes then after it is converted into the Machine Code.

Operator overloading: C++ supports Operator Overloading but java doesn’t Supports Operator Overloading.

Multiple Inheritance: In C++ Multiple Inheritance is Possible but in java A Class Can not Inherit the features from  the two classes in other words java doesn’t supports Multiple Inheritance The Concept  of Multiple Inheritances is Introduced in the Form of Interfaces.

Statement: Java Uses import statement for including the contents of screen instead of #include.

Goto: Java Doesn’t uses goto.

MacrosC & C++ supports macros, while Java does not support.

Global VariableC & C++ supports global variable concept, while Java does not support.

Preprocessor Directives: C & C++ language supports preprocessor directives(#), while Java does not support.

Method: Java Doesn’t have Destructor like C++  Instead Java Has finalize Method.

Data Types: Java Doesn’t have Structure Union , enum data types ...etc, while C support.

Web Application: C & C++ language does not support frame and applet but java Supports frame and applet.

Operator: Java Uses Dot(.) operator instead of scope resolution operator.

Package: Java support package(set of classes) but not in c and c++.

Templet: C++ supports templet, while Java does not support.

Exception HandlingC & C++ language does not supports try, catch, and throw, while Java support.

Shareable: C++ is not a shareable language, while Java is shareable language.

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